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Our ability to create a customized healthcare intelligence solution is only limited by our clients' imagination.  Below are some of the custom solutions that we have created.

Business Intelligence Tool and Web Portal for

Medicare Program

Medicare alternate payment model programs, such as Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI), provide raw claims data for those considering participation in the program.  Likewise, for active participants, Medicare provides ongoing claims data that must be transformed into a usable format.

We have built custom business intelligence (BI) tools that convert the raw Medicare claims data into a user friendly format and provide actionable insights into expected and/or ongoing performance.

Benchmarking Tool

for evaluating

Provider Performance

Measuring operational performance using benchmarks is a very effective way to understand the efficiency and clinical outcomes of providers.  However, it is important to use an appropriate peer group for comparison.  For example, provider attributes such as ownership type, size, geographic location, rural vs urban status, and payment mix can influence the results.


We have built late-binding data models that benchmark performance by allowing users to dynamically select different peer groups based upon a specific provider's attributes.

Market Feasibility of

Additional Facilities

Understanding market demand for additional healthcare services is essential for determining the future success of a new facility.  Likewise, for states with certificate of need (CON) requirements, a market analysis is essential for demonstrating the need for an additional facility.

We have built market intelligence tools for a variety of post-acute facilities.  Using Medicare claims data, we estimate transfer rates from hospitals to the various post-acute settings and compare a local market's actual patient count vs it's potential.